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TROI, thought leadership return on investment assessment model

Welcome to TROI, the world’s first interactive online tool that allows your organization to measure your position as a thought leader within your chosen industry.

What's in it for me?

TROI is an innovative thought leadership assessment tool, perfected and backed by iResearch Services’ decades of experience, industry thought leaders, science, media intelligence tools and survey insights.

Your personalized TROI Return on Investment report will provide you with a tailored overview to support the following:

  • Where do I stand with my current rating? (self-rating, global rating and our TROI rating out of 10)
  • How do I measure up within my thought leadership landscape?
  • What is the effectiveness of my last campaign?
  • How can I validate my thought leadership ROI?
  • What area can I improve my thought leadership campaign in?
  • Can I measure thought leadership ROI to business goals and strategy?

Whatever your industry, wherever you are in the world, learn how TROI can help you benchmark your organization against your competitors and offer you tailored solutions to better position your thought leadership campaigns.

How does TROI work?

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